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Featured Artist

Jainy Stewart


Artist Statement


I am a Maryland native, self-taught artist, who specializes in colorful floral acrylic paintings. Alongside my floral art, I also enjoy delving into the world of whimsical mixed media illustrations, meditative doodling, graphite/charcoal drawings and portrait art. 

I find incredible joy, excitement and peace in flowers which is why florals tend to be the primary focus in my work. The brushstrokes, the colors, the motion and position of each bloom tell a story that is a revelation of my own inner thoughts and emotions. I'm able to best express myself by letting go of words and just losing myself in the creation of each piece.

I tend to find inspiration in everything around me, but especially the beauty of nature, the wisdom of great poets and scripture, as well as my rich South Indian heritage. Bright colors and intricate patterns are a remarkable part of my culture, and it is certainly reflected in much of my work. 

This past year, my work was featured in an Art & Literary magazine, "Reflections" and I had the joy of hosting an art show in Silver Spring which raised money for Frontline Community Services, serving individuals with disabilities. Knowing that the art I create can make a positive difference for others means the world to me. More of my work can be viewed online at

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