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Featured Artist

Laurie Harman


Fused Glass Artist


My first exposure to glass was in a stained-glass class at Black Rock Center for the Arts, in Germantown, Maryland. Upon completion of the class, I dove into a fused glass workshop and that is where I found my slot in the art world. I began making fused glass plates at local glass shops and in classrooms and soon decided to open my own studio. Two kilns later, and many cuts to show for it, I have grown as a glass artist. 

I have shown my creations at many local art shows and won several local and international awards. I am a scientist by training and my background speaks to my design aesthetics. My artwork is linear and geometric, and my inspirations include Frank Lloyd Wright, Yaacov Agam and Piet Mondrian. I also enjoy creating whimsical pieces and I aim to make people smile.

Glass Plate
Art Glass
Glass Votive Holder
Glass Piece
Glass Owls
Glass Bride and Groom
Business Card
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