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Featured Artist

Lynne Haussler Oakes

Lynne Oakes JPG.JPG
Young Lynne Oakes JPG.JPG

Bio:  Lynne Haussler was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up on Long Island. She attended The State University of Iowa and Penn State where she received three degrees, the last one being her Masters in Art Education. Her parents were both artists and they helped to found an art group in their town, which inspired Lynne to found our own ALOG. Being surrounded by artists and supported in her love of art and of teaching, she has continued to this day to do both of these activities.


My work:  What I paint has everything to do with what and who I love. I see beauty all around me, and in the simplest things of life. I seek to paint what I hope others will also see as beautiful, interesting, precious and valuable.  Perhaps when they see a painting of mine, they may find reason to look for those things in their own lives. What I especially like to paint is the interaction between people, as well as people enjoying themselves in the simple activities of life. People, flowers, pets and still life that contain things that are special in my life as well as beautiful. It's all about the beauty!  


Magenta Flowers Still Life


Woman at Table


Kentlands Street Scene

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