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Kendra Biddick


Artist statement


I have been a fiber artist for about 10 years. I use embroidery on wet felting to create fiber paintings of both the energy in galaxies, and about my travels. I use my own travel photos as inspiration. My galaxy paintings are based on NASA photographs. In addition to felting and other fiber arts, I paint, draw using ink, pencil, charcoal, and pastel, and do block printing.



Alongside my careers as parent, librarian, teacher, and scientist I was actively exploring various art forms including a number of fiber arts, which gave me a vital outlet. Since retiring, I have taken up my journey as a serious artist, taking art classes at Montgomery College and branching out into figure drawing, printing, drawing, knitted wire, and painting, while continuing my major focus on felting.

NGC 6503_detail3.jpg
Kendra's Portrait for Kentland's Show.png
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