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To help you become acquainted with the mission of ALOG, we ask that the prospective member attend two ALOG meetings before applying for membership. Members must, at a minimum, be high school seniors or age 18.



ALOG is a group of professional and amateur visual artists, artisans, fine crafters, and art appreciators, organized to further the careers of artists and to bring an appreciation of fine art and fine crafts to the community.  ALOG is involved in a wide variety of art activities that:

  1. Provide members with the stimulation to thrive in their personal art goals;

  2. Encourage enthusiastic support and appreciation for art and for artists’ works within and without the group; and

  3. Contribute to the surrounding community in further art awareness and education.


This is an interactive group in which everyone’s full participation is vital. The interaction within ALOG leads to developing new friendships, developing our own art community by getting to know ALOG artists, getting encouragement on our own artwork through members’ comments and learning about other art disciplines.  Members participating in our shows can gain new insights about presenting their work, applying to larger shows, both juried and not juried, hanging an exhibit, and promoting their artwork through discussions with potential collectors.


ALOG meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month. September through May at 7:15 p.m. at the BlackRock Center for the Arts, 12901 Town Commons Drive. Germantown, MD 20874 (near Rt.118 and Middlebrook Rd.).  Their main phone is: 301-528-2260. The Art League of Germantown's activities run from September to May.  


ALOG Volunteerism

The spirit of volunteerism has made ALOG the great group it has been for over 30 years.  We need all of our members to be active participants in our league, sharing of their time and skills, in addition to attending meetings and participating in shows. We welcome all members to get truly involved by joining our committees, Board, and helping organize special activities.


ALOG’s Organization

ALOG elected officers:    

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary


ALOG Committes:   

  • Spring and Fall Show Committee

  • ALOG Newsletter

  • Set up Member Meetings (work with our Vice President)

  • Finance (work with our Treasurer)

  • Publicity

  • Communication

  • Membership

  • Black Rock Volunteer Coordination


ALOG’S Agreement with Black Rock Center for the Arts

In exchange for allowing ALOG to hold its meetings at Black Rock Center for the Arts as well as two annual Art Exhibits, ALOG has agreed to provide volunteers to provide hospitality support for Artist Receptions and assist in installation of Black Rock Gallery exhibits. It is extremely important as a member to sign up to help with these activities installation of art gallery exhibits and/or provide support for art receptions for BlackRock.  These efforts maintain our special partnership with BlackRock and all the benefits it brings to ALOG.  They are also fun and a great learning experience!

ALOG Art Shows

To participation in an ALOG show you must A. either attend two ALOG meetings or volunteer for two functions at Black Rock Center of the Arts AND B. Sign up for multiple duties necessary for putting together an exhibit.

Membership Options

  • Individual Membership                                  $30.00

  • Family Membership (2 members)                 $40.00

  • Student Membership                                     $20.00 (Age 18 & up, full time with Student ID.)

  • Senior Individual Membership                      $20.00 (Age 65+)

  • Sr. Family Membership (2 members 65+)    $30.00                             


Renewing members pay annual dues each September and must complete a current Membership Registration with dues. Members who have not renewed by November will be removed from the membership list and Newsletter distribution. 

The Membership Form below can be filled out online and membership paid by PayPal.

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