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Deborah Cohan

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Artist statement


If I were to title the essence of my work, it would be “Places and Faces” The experiences of travel play a central role in my painting.  Using my camera, I work to capture a moment, an effect of lighting, a smile, or an emotion wherever I go.  Then the fun begins.  I love the constant wresting between water and pigment…can I control it, or should I just  let it go? How can I use the power of water to share my experiences? It is my hope that the viewer will be encouraged to ask questions about the work, and create their own stories about what they are seeing.



While born in Baltimore, I have lived the DC area for most of my life. I served as a special educator in Montgomery County Schools for over 30 years.  In addition to my work in schools and central office, I worked for George University as a professor/teacher trainer for 13 years. My work with watercolor came informally, as I needed a stress reliever, and developed into an avocation.  Through Baltimore Watercolor Society and Potomac Valley Watercolorists, have taken workshops with both nationally and internationally known figures as I work to improve my practice. I currently serve on the board of directors for the Baltimore Watercolor Society and Gaithersburg Art Collective.

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Deborah Cohan_Carving Kathmandu.jpeg

Carving Kathmandu

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