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Matthew Baker

Matt Baker 12-1-18 1200 pix.jpg

Artist statement


My work is highly representational. I like to challenge myself to get the feeling of the scene, whether it is atmosphere, perspective or color. I want to take what I see and create an image the viewer will feel drawn into without thinking why. I paint in oil with very thin layers which forces me to blend the media quite often. My subject matter is all over the board. It allows me to react to the present and not require me to force a specific formula to my body of work. This freedom has resulted in viewers of my one-man show to comment that they thought it a group effort. I embrace this in that it validates the fact that I am constantly learning.



I have always liked art and made it my career choice in high school. Regretfully, after courses in junior college disillusion set in, I realized I would not make a decent living in the art field.  So I turned to aerospace and worked my way up from floor sweeper to a machinist in a couple of years – making some nice change. Then bam! My artwork was noticed by my supervisor during idle times while babysitting NC machines (they run themselves). I was offered a job in the production illustration department and through consistent advancement I ended up in the corporate office when my company moved here from California. For twenty years I did not have hands on at work. So, when I retired in 2010, I took a class at the Yellow Barn the very next day and have not looked back. 

Skadi's Touch_Matt Baker1200 pix.jpg

Skadi's Touch

Back Alley - Brugge_Matt Baker 1200pix_e

Back Alley - Brugge

Birmingham Water Lillies_Matt Baker 1200 pix.jpg

Birmingham Water Lillies

Badlands Sunset_Matt Baker 1200 pix .jpg

Badlands Sunset

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