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Featured Artist

David McKeown


Artist Statement


I work in two-dimensional media, including drawing with colored pencils and pastels, watercolor painting, and photography. For the last 40 years, I concentrated on nature and landscape photography, which are intertwined with interests in nature, hiking, and the American southwest. Over the course of my life, I continue the struggle of striking a healthy balance between science and art. I discovered this balance as a graduate student, while working on my thesis research and taking watercolor courses for the better part of four years. 


My artwork is influenced by color, composition, lighting, texture, and my travels to the American southwest and far west. I try to draw the viewer into a landscape by including interesting foregrounds that complement the surroundings. The wide variety of things to see and do during my southwestern explorations has pushed me in directions beyond taking landscape still images, such as capturing the dynamic motion and color of hummingbirds using high speed flash photography. 


The most valuable and enjoyable aspects of my artistic efforts are the people I meet and befriend along the way. However, there is nothing like reviewing and working on a new collection of images from a recent trip, as well as sharing those images and related stories with friends, family, and local organizations. 


Samples of my work can be seen on: 

Broad Tail Male
Broad Tail Female
North Rim Grand Canyon
The Mittens Monument Valley
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