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Linda Slattery Sherman

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Artist Statement


I am, in general, an abstract painter. My paintings are all about the process of discovery. I let the painting tell me where to go. Sometimes it's about the motion of making marks that result from large gestures. Other times it's about the surface of the canvas. I scrape, squirt and rub until I get what I want. In reacting to each mark made, I often wind up in a very different place from where I started. Having been a graphic designer for so many years, composition and structure are very important to me as well as surface texture and color. Sometimes subject matter emerges, and I go with that if it interests me. Sometimes the marks, color and form are their own subject matter.


I am currently making gelatin prints as well as painting. Gelatin printing is printing without a press. The printing plate is made of glycerine, water and unflavored gelatin that is allowed to set up to the texture of very firm rubbery jello. It is “inked” with acrylic paint, marks are made in the paint with a variety of tools, brushes, stencils and more. Paper is placed on the plate, hand rubbed and then pulled to get the print. I have held several workshops and have given private demonstrations on this technique.


I attended college at Carnegie Mellon University where I earned a BFA in graphic design. In addition I took a variety of fine arts courses including drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. My interest in abstraction

flows naturally from being a designer. Other people I have studied with include Susan Herron, instructor at The Torpedo Factory, well known painter and teacher Skip Lawrence, and currently Calvin Edward Ramsburg of Frederick, an internationally exhibiting artist. After pursuing my design career for several years, I started my own business, working for clients such as the Kennedy Center, PBS, NASA, BlackRock Center for the Arts and local businesses. I sold my business in 2007 to follow my interest in painting as well as to have more personal time.


I belong to or have belonged to many art organizations and galleries including the Baltimore Watercolor Society (signature member), International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) signature member, TAG/The Artists Gallery in Frederick, The Art League at the Torpedo Factory, Potomac Valley Watercolorists (signature member), Rockville Art League and the Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association.


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Chuck's Goldfinch.jpg

Chuck's Goldfinch

Indigenous Gateway.jpg

Indigenous Gateway

11 Cicadas.jpg

11 Cicadas

ShermanLinda_A Nod to Diebenkorn 24x24.jpg

A Nod to Diebenkorn

Sherman_Linda_Snap Crackle Pop.jpg

Snap Crackle Pop

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