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Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL

 By Lynne Haussler Oakes

In 2016 we visited The Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida. It is on a beautiful property with many buildings that relate to art, to the circus, to educational endeavors and the home of the Ringlings themselves. The grounds are beautifully planted and there is at least one pond with large koi and turtles that were very happy to parade themselves for us! 

The art museum has quite a range of paintings and while I enjoyed seeing that collection, what really was amazing was a contemporary exhibit called "Pathless Woods" designed by artist Anne Patterson. It will be there until April 2017.

This art installation is really more of an experience than an exhibit. Countless colored satin ribbons hang down from the ceiling and you can walk through them. Lights create myriad effects and music plays that is just the right touch.  There is even a day when they have a scent in the room such as pine. We found it fascinating and pleasant. If you are down there, I think you would love to experience it, as well as see what else the property has to offer. The weather is great as well!

Go to to learn more about it all!

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