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ALOG 40th Anniversary
Show and Sale 2023

March 18 - April 16, 2023 in the Kay Gallery AND online at


Carol Moore: Show Chair/Gallery Show Hanging Manager/Volunteer Sign-Up Genius

Ganga Talasila: Treasurer

Thom Germer: Show Data Manager, Show Tags

Keith Mounts: ALOG Website Manager/40th Anniversary Video

Jean Finkleman: Social Media Coordinator

Marge Wasson: Marketing Coordinator

Jaree Donnelly: Graphic Design

Rosanne Cuttitta & Margaret Polcawich: Fine Crafts and Pedestal Art Take-In Coordinators 

Matt Baker: Wall Art, Bin, Greeting Card Take-In Coordinator



Registration Deadline: February 26, 2023

  • REGISTRATION FEE:  $35 per artist due at registration at

Show Hanging: Thursday, March 16, 2022, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm or until finished.

Show Hours:

  • Online Registration Opens: January 21, 2023

  • Online Registration Closes: February 26, 2023

  • All Artwork Take-In: Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 5-7 pm

    • Please arrange for someone to bring your work if you are unable to do so.
      You, or your agent, will need to stay until the check-in process is completed.

  • Show Installation: Thursday, March 16, 2023, 11 am

  • Show Opens: Saturday, March 18, 2023

    • Opening Reception (attendance mandatory): 2-4 pm with guest speaker Phil Hutinet - Editor/Publisher of East City Arts.

  • Weekend Showcase I – Fine Crafts: Sunday, March 19 (All day, set-up 10 am)

  • Weekend Showcase II – Mixed Media: Saturday, March 25 (All day, set-up 10 am)

  • Weekend Showcase III – Photography: Saturday, April 1 (All day, set-up 10 am)

  • CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY, April 9, 2023

  • ALOG Family Day: Children’s Craft, Scavenger Hunt, Saturday, April 15, 2023, 12-3 pm

  • Weekend Showcase IV – Painting: Sunday, April 16 (All day, set-up 10 am)

    • Closing Reception: 2-4 pm with Awards Ceremony (attendance mandatory)

    • Show Take Down: 5-6 pm​

  • Special Events: All events will be free and inside the Kay Gallery

    • FREE Live Model Session: Wednesday, March 22, 5-7 pm

    • FREE Collage Party: Wednesday, March 29, 3:30-6 pm

    • ALOG Membership Meeting in the Kay Gallery: Wednesday, April 5 • Membership Social 6:30 pm, Meeting 7:15 pm

    • FREE Open Floral Drawing Session: Wednesday April 12 (All day and Thursday & Friday).

Showcases: The weekend showcases are intended to showcase ALOG’s many talented artists. You do not have to participate in the showcases.

Those that wish to showcase will sign-up on the registration form. Start thinking about how you would like to showcase your work. Each artist may have a 6 ft table (or share a table) to demonstrate and/or sell additional artwork through the ALOG Cashier. Showcases will be inside the Kay Gallery.


Show Hours:

Monday – Friday: 2-6 pm (One 4-hour shift during the weekdays with two monitors).

Saturday & Sunday: 11-5 pm (Two 3-hour shifts, 11-2 pm, 2 pm- 5pm).


All participating artists are required to attend both receptions and stay to help with take-down of the show after the second reception.

To be fair, if you are unable to attend, please provide the name of the person serving as your proxy to the show chair.

Physical Show in Kay Gallery: Saturday, March 18, 2023 - Saturday, April 16, 2023

Virtual Show at Saturday, March 18, 2023 - Saturday, April 16, 2023



Eligibility: All participating members must meet eligibility requirements to participate in the Kay Gallery and online show. To be eligible, you should have attended two ALOG membership meetings (ALOG Happy Hours do not count) or served as an ALOG volunteer at two BlackRock receptions, or a combination of both since our Spring 2022 show. Also, annual membership dues must be paid. You must attend two ALOG Membership meetings before becoming an ALOG member. Follow the link below to pay your membership dues. ALOG’s Membership Director will be checking eligibility at registration.

You will need to provide a quality image (at least 1200 pixels on the shortest side and at least 1 MB in size) for all Wall Art, Pedestal Art, Online Bin Art, and Online Fine Crafts. See registration form. 

​Wall art, pedestal art, online bin art, and online fine crafts must be available for sale for the duration of the virtual show. If it sells in the physical show, it will be marked as sold in the virtual show.

​Wall art Artists may submit 2 or 4 bin items that will be for sale in the virtual show only. These items will not be for sale in the physical show, but they can be copies of bin items that are in the physical show.

​Fine Crafts artists will be required to provide quality images (at least 1200 pixels on the shortest side and at least 1 MB in size) for items that are in the virtual show only. These items should be separate from the items that you have in the Kay Gallery show. Fine Crafts artists will be able to enter exactly 1 or 4 or 8 items that will be for sale in the virtual show only. These items do not need to be a collection; they will be separate listings but will be grouped together. We ask that all participating fine craft artist put at least one item in the virtual show, we want all of our artists represented.



Wall Art

Choose one option: Up to 4 Pieces Total:

  • 2 Large (no wider than 36" in any direction framed), AND 2 Small (no wider than 18" in any direction framed) OR

  • 1 Large (no wider than 36" in any direction framed), AND 1 Medium (no wider than 24" in any direction framed) AND 2 Small (no wider than 18" in any direction framed) OR

  • 2 Medium (no wider than 24" in any direction framed), AND 2 Small (no wider than 18" in any direction framed) OR

  • 3 Medium (no wider than 24" in any direction framed) AND 1 Small (no wider than 18" in any direction framed) OR

  • 4 small (no wider than 18" in any direction framed)

​​All art will be displayed as space permits. If your artwork does not meet the criteria listed above, please contact so that we can discuss a solution. It is good to have a few larger pieces.

Sculpture and Fine Craft Art for Display Cases or Pedestals

  • ​3 total works (weight 25-50 lbs. or less) to be shown on pedestals or at windows as space permits. Any sculpture meant to hang must have a device attached to the back suitable for hanging, weight and size permitting. Weight limits for sculpture hung on the wall will be at the discretion and approval of the ALOG hanging committee with input from the BlackRock gallery personnel as necessary.



Submission Tags (Information to identify your artwork during delivery and hanging).

  • ALL WALL ART must include two labels (one on front and one on back with the Artist Name, three-letter initials, title, and price (or NFS which should be no more than 1/3 of the work each artist   submits).

  • ALL CARDS AND FINE CRAFTS must be clearly tagged or labeled with the artist's three-letter initial, price, and the artist's unique inventory number (this ensures your earnings get accurately credited to you and you can identify the sold pieces).

  • ALL OTHER ARTWORK, including bin art must have one label or tag that includes the artist’s name, three-letter initials, title, and price (or NFS which should be no more than 1/3 of the work each artist submits).

Bin work: If you have your own display bin, you can bring it with as many pieces as you want. Please limit to only one print of each piece at a time. If you are using ALOG shared bins, please limit to 10 unique pieces at a time. You do not have to supply an inventory for bin items, but your items will be checked at take-in. We strongly encourage you to make an inventory for your records.

  • ​All unframed bin art prints will be displayed in a print rack. NO framed work or canvas are allowed in the bins.

  • Each piece must be properly matted, and should be in plastic print sleeves, or wrapped neatly in shrink-wrap. Saran wrap or Ziploc type bags will not be accepted.

  • A label made by the artist must be affixed to the back of the packaging with artist name, three-letter initials, medium, and price.

  • All reproductions (giclee prints or color copies) of your work must be labeled as such.

Greeting Cards: You may submit up to 20 greeting cards. You may submit duplicates if they fit in the same holder in the card rack (all duplicates count towards your 20 cards). All cards should be placed in plastic sleeves. You can purchase sleeves at

Small fine craft artwork will be displayed in two large glass cases and/or in two upright glass cases. All items should be delivered Wednesday, March 15, 5-7pm. We will not be displaying fine crafts on tables except for during the Fine Craft Showcase on Sunday, March 19, 2023. 

On the registration form Fine Craft artists will be asked if they wish to have a 16"x22" shelf in the large case and /or a 12"x12" shelf in the smaller cases. Please note that space in the glass cases is subject to availability based on overall participation.

Fine Craft Showcase: Sunday, March 19, 11-5 pm (set-up at 10 am)

  • You do not have to participate in the showcase, but we hope that you will! You may have a six-foot table or share a table with another artist (you will be contacted after registration by the show chair to discuss your preference). Sales will be made through the ALOG cashier. You may also choose to just demonstrate your craft.

  • You do not have to supply an inventory for small fine craft artwork, but your items will be checked at take-in. We strongly encourage you to make an inventory for your records. Works will be organized by the Fine Crafts Managers for optimal presentation. 


  • Your inventory should fit in an approximate 16"x22" and/or 12"x12"space. These items will not be in the virtual show unless they are duplicates.  For further information please contact Fine Crafts Manager, Rosanne Cuttitta at

  • ​Artists submitting work requiring a display stand must supply their own, such as a clear acrylic stand or black velvet jewelry bust. 

  • Fine Craft coordinators Rosanne Cuttitta and Margaret Polcawich will be working with Fine Craft Artists at Take-in on March 15, 2023, 5-7 pm to arrange the displays in the four different glass cases.


Commission: A 30% commission is taken on the sale of all work sold at the physical Kay Gallery exhibition (15% goes to ALOG and 15% to BlackRock). This commission applies for all artworks sold within 14 days of the Kay Gallery show closing. Artists will collect their own sales and taxes during the two weeks after the show closes and must pay the 30% commission to the ALOG treasurer. 

Any artwork sold from the online show on the ALOG website will be subject to the 30% commission from   March 18-April 16, 2023.

Customers interested in purchasing art from will contact the ALOG president who will in turn contact the artist. The artist will collect their own sales, including taxes during the virtual show and are responsible for paying the 30% commission to the ALOG Treasurer.

  • During show and until April 30, 2023: 30% commission (split with BR) on all sales. 

Liability: ALOG members working during the show should take good and reasonable care of the artwork on display. ALOG and BlackRock are not responsible for damage or loss during the show.


Wall Art: Fresh, new artwork is always encouraged. This is ALOG's 40th Anniversary, let's make an exciting and INSPIRING show!

  • All wall-hung work must be properly framed, with wire attached 1/4 to 1/3 of the distance from the top.  The stretched wire should come no closer than 2" from the top edge of the frame. Gallery wrapped canvases that are painted all the way around are permitted.

  • NO smudged mats, wet canvases, clip or poster frames, or damaged frames are allowed.

  •  Artists are encouraged that NFS constitutes no more than one-third of the total work submitted.

  • Fine Craft, Display Case, and Pedestal check-in includes a quality check of frame (if framed), appropriate wiring, and back finishing of each artist’s work, and Submission Tags.

  • Our show visitors include small children, so work must be suitable for display in a family- oriented setting.

  • No member may show work created by a non-member or by a member who is not registered to show.  


To have a successful show, we need your support and participation. ALOG shows are a team effort! By entering and choosing your 3-show duty shifts you help our show to run smoothly. Please follow the link below to the Sign-Up Genius to choose your mandatory 3 shifts. Remember, it’s not just the great artwork, but your enthusiastic interaction with show attendees that will help make the show a success. We are looking forward to a terrific show! Please follow the link below to the Sign-Up Genius.









 Please review list below to aid in a successful entry into the show

1.  Entry qualifications met. ____

​2. Read & understand show prospectus. ____

3.  Delivery and pick-up dates checked and listed on your calendar. ____

4.  All Wall Artwork properly framed/labeled. ____

5.  All Fine Craft, Display Case, and Pedestal work properly labeled. ____​

6.  Online registration forms submitted for Wall Art and Fine Crafts, Display Case, and Pedestal Art. ____

7.  Work duty times selected on Sign-Up Genius and calendared. ____

8.  Calendar marked to be at entire reception and entire takedown period. ____

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