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Art League of Germantown

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Sign-up for Free Special Events and Workshops here.

The prospectus for our Spring Member Show
at BlackRock is available here.

We Create for Countless Reasons

Our purpose is to further the careers of fine artists and fine crafters and to bring an appreciation of these arts to the community. Our members include professional and amateur artists and crafters and all those who love the visual arts.

Featured Artist

Our featured artist is Thomas A. Germer. Click here to go to the featured artist page.

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Blue Smoke

I had a large circle of artist friends and resources in my former hometown, but when we moved I had no one with whom to talk "shop." Being an artist can sometimes be an isolated existence, and sharing ideas and resources, asking questions, getting feedback is necessary not only to continue but also to grow.

Stadium Concrete Seats

The chance to exhibit your artwork is always one of the most important things to an artist, and the Art League of Germantown provides this opportunity. All members are welcomed to participate, and we all enjoy the variety that this presents.


I joined the Art League of Germantown, and the variety of programs presented and mediums used by our members kept me coming back. Would you like to take your art from avocation to vocation? Several members have done this with success.

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