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Photographing Work for Virtual Shows

-- The image should include only the artwork or craft item, not the mat on a painting or the room background for a craft item.

-- When looking for a professional photographer to have slides made, shop around for prices. Find out how the photographer will store and secure your work while it is in their shop.

-- The image colors should match the colors in the artwork. Art often requires special photographic settings – for example, high contrast watercolors can look faded out if the photographer simply uses a camera setting to match the lightest color. If the image is one camera setting darker, the work looks better. So when you first start getting images of your artwork, ask the photographer to shoot the work on at least three different camera settings (this is called bracketing) and pick the resulting image that most resembles your work.

-- Technical knowledge matters. Lights should be set up at an angle that prevents unwanted shadows or glare. For shots of 2-dimensional work, the camera lens should be exactly parallel to the work.

-- Remember to have images made of your work before you frame it, to minimize problems from frame shadows and glass glare.

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