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Maritza Suárez-Valenti


Ma-Chi Jewelry Designs began as a hobby back in 2008. 


In the earlier days, Ma-Chi started playing with beads. With the infinity of color combinations, the creation of so many designs went beyond the imagination. 

Soon after, Ma-Chi started playing with wire allowing the endless possibilities of bending, twisting, and having control over the metal. A different style adding a new feeling to each and every piece of jewelry was the prelude to new and improved techniques in designing.

Today, Ma-Chi is playing with fire. There is a beauty in the power of bonding metals with fire that is indescribable. Both metal and the fire dance along until they become one in the process of creating a beautiful piece of wearable art.

 I like to experiment with other nontraditional materials as well. Ma-Chi is working on coloring metal with colored pencils and experimenting with concrete.

I love making jewelry, it has fascinated me how a sheet of metal gets transformed into a piece of art. When I am working on a piece of jewelry, time flies by and I transport myself into another world that nourishes my soul.


Each piece is carefully handmade and crafted with love, passion, care, and the hope that you will find your own sense of beauty in the design.

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