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Lynne Oakes


The primary reason Lynne creates paintings is to take pleasure in something enjoyable more than once!  She  has seen a great deal in her life that is beautiful, charming or remarkable.  When it is just too good to pass up, she paints it to have the experience again.  Then, of course, it becomes a shared experience with others which is her larger goal.


There is more mental time in creating her paintings than in actual application of paint.  Seeing her results come to fruition quickly makes oil painting her medium of choice.  She ‘sees’ what she wants in her mind’s eye and then it becomes easy to bring it into being because she has technical training in place and it serves her well.



Lynne feels very strongly that her images should present her view of what is good, decent and aesthetic about this world we live in.  As an artist, she seeks to put order into things, to create visual examples that she wants to help in really improving conditions on this planet….how things can actually be.   Such art, in any medium, is truly what inspires her.  She favors movies, paintings or plays that make her laugh, or see the truth in something.  She wants it done without violence and shock, but with such exquisite craft that in seeing it, she leaves with a new resolve to do her part.


Lynne holds a B.S. and M.Ed in Art Education from The Pennsylvania State University and a B.A. in Humanities from The State University of Iowa.  She has 40 years of teaching experience.  In addition, she is a professional award-winning artist and Founder of The Art League of Germantown.

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