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The Journey

Ma-Chi Jewelry Designs began as a hobby back in 2008.

In the earlier days, Ma-Chi started experimenting with beads and their infinity array of colors' combinations, allowing her to create beautiful designs that went beyond her imagination! Soon after, Ma-Chi expanded experimenting with wire, allowing the endless possibilities of bending, twisting and having control over the metal, giving her pieces a different style and adding a new feeling in each and every piece of jewelry she created. This was the prelude to new and improved techniques in designing. Today, Ma-Chi incorporates fire in her creations. There

is a beauty in the power of bonding metals with fire that is indescribable. Both, metal and the fire dance along until they become one in the process of creating a beautiful piece of wearable art. Each piece is carefully handmade and crafted by Ma-Chi with love, passion and care. Her hope is that you will find your own sense of beauty in the designs she creates! Wishing you will enjoy Ma-Chi’s creations as new additions to your life and style. Thank you for your purchase!

Maritza Suarez-Valenti

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